Conscious Investor Fund

I have now put all my knowledge and experience into starting and running the Conscious Investor Fund. This Fund invests in outstanding world companies with all the hallmarks that they will continue to grow their earnings year after year. We also chose companies with brilliant management. I invite you to visit the Fund website to find out more.

How we provide value:

The Conscious Investor® Fund scours the world looking for outstanding companies run by exceptional management selling at sensible prices, companies to provide secure and attractive returns for our members year after year.

We provide value for our members in the following ways:

Global investments Australia represents only 2% of world markets: the Fund makes sure its members are invested in world markets, particularly the US, not just Australia
International tailwind themes We invest in companies that are part of international tailwind themes such as: the move to a cashless society, deep data analysis and artificial intelligence, consequences of an ageing population and increased healthcare demands
Fastest growing companies The Fund has major investments in the Fortune global fastest growing companies
Fixed monthly subscription No fees for funds under management; instead a simple fixed monthly subscription
Global brands Major investments in Interbrand’s global strongest brands
Cutting-edge number crunching Conscious Investor® continually scans world markets for outstanding opportunities using proprietary calculations
Year after year The Capital Allocation Team is careful to select companies with growing earnings likely to continue year after year
Capital protection Detailed selection of companies shown to resist market downturns
Special opportunities The Fund may invest in carefully selected private companies
Quality of lives and society Apart from durable competitive strengths, exceptional management, high returns on equity and selling at sensible prices, the Fund focuses on companies that have services and products that add to the quality of the lives of their users and society as a whole